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About Us

We are innovative designers
recognised for shaping authentic places
and inspiring people.

Our Team


Our Team

Welcome to Chow:Hill, where design is shaped through collaboration, curiosity and connection.

As a team, we’re passionate about making a positive impact on the communities who live and work in the places we design. We strive to deliver projects that evoke a sense of identity and are genuinely engaging for the people who use them.

We believe people should feel connected to their physical environments, which is why we use design- thinking techniques to collaborate with our clients and the community throughout the design process. We are curious about what makes people tick and what they need from their environment. We then design buildings and landscapes with purpose, shaping possibilities and creating places with meaning. The result is beautiful, sustainable places that enable people to connect with each other and their environments.

As a team, we share an ambition for excellence. We work with passion, agility and integrity, behaving with courage, respect and trustworthiness. We are enthusiastic about opportunities to add value to the design process and are determined to see our clients achieve their goals. As designers, we are naturally curious, inspired by fresh possibilities, and the innovative ways we can turn our clients’ vision into reality.

Over almost 30 years in business, we have established an extensive portfolio of projects in the education, health, commercial, community and public realm. Every project we work on, we look at in the wider context of society and the environment. We want our designs to enhance spaces, encapsulate beauty and deliver experiences. We want our designs to succeed.