Duncan Kohn

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Senior Architectural Technician

BTech Architectural Technology, BTech Project Management
From retail design and hospitality interiors to residential and commercial architecture, Duncan Kohn has never been short of variety in his professional career. 

With a background of qualifications and extensive experience in South Africa, and now in his adopted country of New Zealand, Duncan relishes both the collaborative approach his chosen industry allows and being able to deliver results that exceed client expectations.

Duncan deploys his experience and creativity to think outside the square and create innovative solutions that are both practical and sustainable. His thorough understanding of construction documentation and project management enables him to contribute to all aspects of a project.

Duncan brings to the Chow:Hill team his knowledge of management, technology and design as applied to projects across multiple sectors. He has a particularly firm grasp on retail, having spent the best part of the last decade facilitating food and retail giant Woolworths’ establishment or expansion of numerous stores throughout Southern Africa.

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