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Registered Architect

Friedrich Strey is a hands-on architect who believes genuine collaboration, effective communication and ongoing discourse between design team and end user create meaningful architecture.

Passionate about the role architecture plays in creating better living, working, earning, healing and extra-curricular environments, Chow:Hill architect Friedrich Strey designs vibrant and sustainable buildings and spaces to be enjoyed for generations.

A former principal of a small architectural practice, where he was involved in a variety of international projects, Friedrich brings design and build experience on a vast array of scales and construction methodologies, as well as building typologies, to his work. Years of experimentation and application have made Friedrich a strong advocate for off-site manufacturing and volumetric construction, in contexts where the design, environmental and economic benefits are unquestionable.

An active member of the architectural community, Friedrich has contributed to a number of industry committees, including time as chair for the AfriSki Building Committee (ABC), and has influenced the preparation of industry design guidelines.

Generous with his professional knowledge and design experience, Friedrich is a mentor and guest lecturer in design and construction, and a regular contributor to industry articles.

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