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Welcome to Chow:Hill, where design is shaped through connection, collaboration and curiosity.

Chow:Hill Hamilton Team

Shaping Possibilities

We are passionate about making a positive impact on communities that live and work in the places we design. We strive to deliver projects that evoke a sense of identity and are genuinely engaging for the people who use them.

Our Approach

Enhancing spaces, delivering experiences

Collaboration is the keystone of our approach; we are inspired by all we work with and their goals for the future. Establishing strong partnerships is vital, which is why people are at the heart of our projects.

We’re driven to create environmentally, culturally and economically sustainable outcomes. Our commitment to and respect for sustainable design practices comes from a ‘first principles’ perspective, focusing on future-fit project deliverables.

As a team, we are quietly ambitious with extensive experience and industry recognition for our work. We are proud of each award we receive but know that to design with success, we must continue to work in collaboration with our clients, share ideas, learn from each other, establish partnerships based on trust, and show respect in everything we do.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Our Company Social Responsibility(CSR) framework aims to transparently describe the negative impacts of our activities, while identifying our strategic goals and performance targets.

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Our best designs stem from a collaborative partnership, where challenges and successes are shared, fun and laughter are had, and respect underpins the working relationship. Join our team of inspired designers who look to shape meaning into every project we undertake.

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