Bridget Trevena


Chow:Hill Christchurch

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Architectural Graduate

BArch, MArch(Prof)


Chow:Hill Christchurch

Architecture is where Bridget Trevena has been able to foster her passion for creating spaces that inspire, encourage, shape, and challenge communities.

Bridget enjoys helping people to create something they never thought was possible, and encouraging ideas to come to life, even on the smallest of scales. As an Architectural Graduate in Chow:Hill’s Christchurch studio, Bridget is involved in our healthcare design team, focused specifically on the construction observation through to completion of the Waipapa Christchurch Hospital Acute Services Building.

Bridget has a particular interest in breaking down the boundaries between public, private and industry, and delivering on design that creates a dialogue. She welcomes the different challenges each project presents, and the opportunities to establish an exchange of ideas, knowledge and creativity through collaboration between client, teams and stakeholders.

Bridget’s sympathetic design approach to each project enables her to explore the possibilities of each environment and ensure the outcome is future fit for her clients’ needs.

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