Kieran Singh

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Finance Manager

BCom, GDCom, ACA
A process-driven accountant, Chow:Hill’s Finance Manager, Kieran Singh, enjoys working with stakeholders to deliver on their financial needs.

Kieran began his professional career at a chartered accounting firm working as an external auditor on assurance engagements for small to medium clients. After a brief stint in the corporate audit world, Kieran widened his scope of financial work by moving into commercial accounting. With experience across a mix of industries, from health to retail to manufacturing, Kieran enjoys the application of financial methodology to deliver on a client and stakeholder financial needs.

Process-driven in his approach, Kieran believes well-defined systems and procedures ensure accurate and efficient financials for stakeholders. In his role at Chow:Hill, he works with the team to provide financial information integral to the decision-making process.

Outside of ledgers and balance sheets, Kieran is a big cricket fan, having played for club and school teams. These days, the enjoyment of the game is still there, albeit in more of a spectator role.

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