Lynda Zgierski-Boreyko

Lynda Zgierski-Boreyko

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Senior Associate, Studio Manager, Senior Architectural Technician

NDAT, LPB Design 2
Passionate about excellence in healthcare design, Chow:Hill Associate Lynda Zgierski-Boreyko brings her understanding of all aspects of the design process to every project.

Based in Chow:Hill’s Christchurch office, Lynda Zgierski-Boreyko enjoys documenting the creative process in a way that is readily understood by clients and construction contractors. As a project co-ordinator for Chow:Hill’s hospital projects, Lynda draws on the extensive experience she gained while operating a contracting company for many years.

Lynda comprehends the complexities involved in healthcare design, particularly the technical construction of specialised facilities, and the importance of ensuring all client requirements are met. Her expertise was instrumental in the design success of Waipapa, the Christchurch Hospital Acute Services Building, the most significant hospital development in New Zealand.

Lynda’s knowledge of residential work, private dwellings, apartments, multi-unit developments and retirement villages, as well as both commercial and educational projects, means she has a multi-sector understanding of how design and construction operate to deliver successful outcomes. She particularly enjoys the unique opportunities healthcare design provides to shape user experience and to create warm, welcoming environments in a clinical setting.

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