Shanita Elliot


Chow:Hill Auckland

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Architectural Graduate

BAS, MArch(Prof)Urb.Des


Chow:Hill Auckland

By applying both an architectural and urban design perspective, Shanita Elliot seeks to create enhancing and engaging environments for all users.

A University of Auckland masters graduate, Shanita is interested in the integration and regeneration of underutilised industrial spaces and the opportunities they present of enriching a sense of place, diversifying experiences, and creating new ways to live and work.

She understands the importance of blending different disciplines and methodologies to create cohesive project outcomes at various urban scales. This dual approach enables Shanita to deliver innovative outcomes for our clients.

Shanita has lent her design expertise to projects in a range of sectors, from healthcare to residential, commercial to urban master planning. Recent projects of note include Bay of Islands Hospital Stage 2, Auckland DHB Grafton Loading Docks and National Asset Management Programme.

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