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Chow:Hill founder, Richard Hill has applied his all-embracing total design philosophy to shape both architecture and business during a career that has spanned decades, sectors and continents.

From England to Tanzania, Nigeria to New Zealand, Richard Hill’s extensive architectural career has seen him work on large international architectural projects around the globe. But it was in pursuit of a new adventure that saw the England-trained architect move to New Zealand and, as they say, the rest is history.

In 1992, Richard co-founded Chow:Hill with fellow architect, Chien Chow. Ambitious in their pursuit to differentiate themselves, the duo’s architectural practice became renowned for delivering on large-scale commissions across a range of sectors, including health care, tertiary education and commercial projects with a strong focus on master site planning.

Richard enjoys the collaborative approach of architecture, conversing with clients to understand their vision and designing the process that will ultimately deliver on their dream. His interest in strategic planning has stemmed from his desire to offer a more comprehensive view of the design world.

In his current role as design consultant, Richard brings a particular emphasis to developing project strategies in support of client commercial objectives.

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