Senior Principal, Registered Architect (UK)

Formulating elegant ideas and delivering resolved outcomes for clients has proved to be a winning combination for Chow:Hill Senior Principal and Registered Architect, Stuart Mackie.

Skilled at challenging assumptions and identifying approaches to problem-solving that meet project requirements, Stuart Mackie pushes design boundaries to deliver high quality results across both public and private sectors.

Stuart’s primary focus is on large-scale place making, master planning and site development projects. His ability to shape ideas to maximise unique opportunities while delivering functional outcomes is evident in a range of Stuart’s projects, in particular the master planning for NMIT’s city campus and Wintec’s Rotokauri campus.

Stuart believes every project can contribute to significant transformation, shaping the experiences of an organisation, service or community. He enjoys the challenge of turning that vision into reality with masterful design and architectural innovation.

Passionate about collaborative community initiatives, such as the mobile drive-through healthcare clinics, Stuart is an active participant in the annual Lifewise Big Sleepout.

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